Studio Love

Sunday in the studio went absolutely brilliant. I felt like part of the band straight away. We jammed on ideas for an hour or so and then put down enough material for 2 full new songs that Chris will mix in the next fortnight or so.

I’m going back to Switzerland for a month or two on the 24th of January. It was originally supposed to be the 9th but i pushed it way back. That’s committment! Before i go back i’m hopeful that we’ll get a few more jams and maybe even some recording/mixing done. Myself and Chris are in the studio tomorrow and Friday to but some rhythms down and then John and Richie will put some flesh on the bones over the next days after that. We can’t all get to the studio together this week so we’re taking it in turns. I’ll let you know how it all goes……..

We have a Facebook page now, we’re gonna try and update it regularly.

I’m Dusting Off The Bass Guitar

Ohhhhhh yes, the bass is coming out of retirement. Earlier this week 3 friends of mine reformed their old band, The Gorecki…….and they’ve asked me to play bass with them in the new line up. Quite frankly, i’m honoured. The guys were immense as a group and i’m excited to be a part of it.

We’re jamming today and putting ideas together. I’ve got butterflies and to be honest it’s because i’m more than a bit nervous. It’s 9am yet i’ve been up since 6am worrying if i’ll fit in and sound ok. They’re all brilliant musicians and i’m scared i can’t keep up! I’ll do my best though that’s for damn sure. We’re due at Chris’ flat in Stirling at 1pm so i better start getting ready.

I’ll keep you up to date with our studio and recording progress.

ps. i love being back in Scotland!

Rapid Eye Movement

This kinda shit intrigues me no end.

Rapid Eye Movement (REMsleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes. REM sleep is classified into two categories: tonic and phasic.[1] It was identified and defined by Nathaniel Kleitman and Eugene Aserinsky in the early 1950s.

Criteria for REM sleep includes not only rapid eye movement, but also low muscle tone and a rapid, low-voltage EEG; these features are easily discernible in a polysomnogram, the sleep study typically done for patients with suspected sleep disorders.

REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 80–25% of total sleep, about 90–120 minutes of a night’s sleep. During a normal night of sleep, humans usually experience about four or five periods of REM sleep; they are quite short at the beginning of the night and longer toward the end. Many animals and some people tend to wake, or experience a period of very light sleep, for a short time immediately after a bout of REM. The relative amount of REM sleep varies considerably with age. A newborn baby spends more than 80% of total sleep time in REM.[2] During REM, the activity of the brain’s neurons is quite similar to that during waking hours; for this reason, the REM-sleep stage may be called paradoxical sleep.[3] This means there are no dominating brain waves during REM sleep.[citation needed]

REM sleep is physiologically different from the other phases of sleep, which are collectively referred to as non-REM sleep (NREM). Vividly recalled dreams mostly occur during REM sleep.

Then there’s this.

This also intrigues me. In a completely different way

Image Image

You’re a carbon kid with a sinister diagram.


“Folded” is the name of an album by a Swedish band MF/MB/. It’s fucking awesome.

They’ve made videos for every track on the album apart from their new single “Seconds Away” which is released next month.

“Heat Like This” is my favourite song/video.

If you wanna find out more about these guys then visit their pages and buy their shit. Links below.

Download on iTunes

Download from Klick Track

Buy here

Become a fan and keep up to date on Facebook

Listen on Spotify

and of course

Check out all sorts o’ shit on the official site

Echo Echo

This is my first post in a while. It’s also my first that i’ve done via my iPhone.

Going to see IAMX tonight with the gang. We’ve been sitting in the beer garden all day drinking Lowenbrau and playing the first IAMX album on the jukebox. We’re gonna head in soon though. Terminal Choice are on in an hour.

It’ll be my first time seeing IAMX live. I only really got into them this year. I’m not a Chris Corner virgin though, i’ve seen the Sneaker Pimps live back in the early 2000’s. I love mentioning that to certain people because it annoys them (Brian, Chris and Pascal mainly!) hehehe.

Just found out that FRONT 242 are on straight after IAMX. Too good to be true!

Full details here

I could get used to this iPhone posting.

Predictions. Part 1

The new season starts in an hour.

Well the only one that matters does, the EssPeeEll. That’s the Scottish Premier League by the way.

Here’s my predictions for this season. I’ve put a bet on with Ramon. Whoever gets the most predicted places (or the closest to it) correct wins £100.

We’re being bold this year. Last year it was only a £50 bet and i lost. Damn Kilmarnock for not being relegated!!!!

1. Celtic
2. Rangers
3. Hearts
4. Dundee United
5. Hibernian
6. Motherwell
7. Aberdeen
8. St Mirren
9. Hamilton
10. St Johnstone
11. Kilmarnock
12. Inverness CT



I’ll do some more predictions for other leagues over the course of the weekend.

John Dancing and a Headbanging Baby

I wanna see Emily rock out again…

I do that too when i listen to You Can’t Eat The Word Food. Shame they’ve split.

I’m pretty sure John can be seen dancing in this video….


I can’t believe i forgot to post about this before……myself, Chris, John and Mazzio invented a new word in June, well it was mainly me if truth be told. I confess to being obssessed with the female form. Really though, is that such a crime?

PIGILF = Pretty Indie Girl I’d Like To F**K

Example: The Deschanel

Losing Friends

Being away from my friends back in Scotland has been a nightmare. I become more and more paranoid every day that’ll i’ll lose them. I hate not being able to actually SEE them. I mean, talking on the phone is good and even the odd tx here and there, yeah sure. But i want to go sit with them, see them, hear them and laugh with them but i can’t.

I confided in one friend about this the other night over Skype. He was drunk and so was i. We mock embraced by hugging our respective laptops. And i was assured that they (my friends) don’t and won’t ever forget about me.

I think my paranoid and insecure side has came to the fore since i’ve been back in Switzerland. It’s a side of me that hasn’t raised its ugly head for a while.

If anything the whole paranoia thing about losing friends has made me even more determined to start seeing them more when i go back to Glasgow in October. The one thing i was maybe guilty of before was not seeing enough of them even though i only lived half an hour away from most of them. I’m paying the price for that now.

Can’t wait to come “home” guys. Miss you all.